Q&A: Glenn Gustke

  • Q: How long have you’ve been at Diversified Woodcrafts? 
  • I’ve been with DWI since September 30th, so about 7 months.
  • Q: What experience do you have in the industry?  
  • I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years.  Began working with an Independent Rep Organization in the Chicago area, then moved on to become the National Sales Manager at Correll.
  • Q: What makes you & DW a good fit? 
  • In my short time with DWI, you see the work ethic, attention to detail, and dedication in servicing our customers.  Those are all qualities that I value and feel that I also possess.  Also, my responsibilities are very similar to those I’ve held for the past 16 years, and I have familiarity with just about all of the Reps that we have in place.  It’s a great group, the best in the business!
  • Q: What has been the biggest surprise or your best moment so far?  
  • I knew DWI had a great reputation, but after announcing my hiring, all the congratulatory comments from Reps and Customers evolved around how great a company DWI is to work for.  And the plant is unbelievable.  I’ve never seen a cleaner plant than Diversified Woodcrafts. 
  • Q: What has been the biggest challenge?  
  • Nothing like being 7 months into a new job and having a pandemic hit.  Other than that, I would say learning the DWI product line has been the most challenging part—because it is so vast.  And also, coming from a company that I was with for 16 years, then starting with a new company always presents some challenges.

Contact Glenn at: ggustke@DiversifiedWoodcrafts.com