SEFA. Quality at a Glance.

SEFA-The Mark of Excellence

SEFA was founded in 1988 to provide guidance in promoting quality and safety in the design, manufacture and utilization of laboratory furniture and equipment. For student scientists and laboratory researchers, using laboratory casework with SEFA certification means that it has passed numerous rigorous tests aimed at ensuring safety as well as providing enhanced durability and structural integrity.

For example, if you’re wondering whether door hinges of a base cabinet can withstand being opened and closed hundreds of times, having SEFA compliance says yes.

Scientifically Proven Quality

Earning SEFA certification is voluntary--and not every manufacturer of scientific laboratory equipment is capable of earning it. Those that do are manufacturing companies that have gone above and beyond to give their clients exceptional lab furniture that is made to last. SEFA certification is a time-consuming process, but one that companies like Diversified Woodcrafts believe is well worth the investment.

To Test the Best

SEFA contracts with independent testing facilities across the country. After a manufacturer selects a testing facility, each item seeking certification is run through a battery of tests that include mechanical resistance tests, impact tests, and surface finish tests.

The list of tests performed is long, and the testing criteria, impressive:

  • Cabinet load test – evaluates the strength and structural integrity of a cabinet
  • Cabinet concentrated load test – checks how cabinet drawers and doors perform when a heavy load is placed in the center of the cabinet
  • Cabinet torsion – evaluates the structural integrity of the cabinet construction when subjected to the stress of a torsional load
  • Cabinet submersion test – certifies that the cabinet can resist standing water
  • Door hinge test – tests the strength of the door hinge and its hardware
  • Door impact test – demonstrates resistance to excessive impact to the door face
  • Door cycle test – checks the strength of the door hinge hardware over many cycles of use
  • Drawer static load test – indicates that an open drawer can withstand up to 150 pounds of downward pressure
  • Drawer and door pull test – tests the strength of the pull and the pull hardware
  • Drawer impact test – proves the drawer can withstand the impact of heavy items being dropped into it
  • Drawer internal rolling impact – evaluates the strength of the drawer head, bottom and back
  • Drawer cycle test – evaluates the performance of a drawer over years of use
  • Shelving – shows the ability of a shelf and mounting hardware to support normal laboratory loads
  • Wall cabinet loading test – demonstrates the strength of the back of the wall cabinet, the joinery of the cabinet, and function of the doors
  • Table test – showcases the structural integrity of the table construction when subjected to a racking load

Going Above and Beyond

Companies like Diversified Woodcrafts know that achieving SEFA certification for its products is the gold standard for the scientific laboratory furniture industry. It is proud to SEFA compliant.

When it comes time to purchase scientific laboratory furniture for the classroom or a research facility, the first question to ask is, “Is it SEFA compliant?” Getting an affirmative answer is paramount to be able to equip your lab with the highest quality products on the market, as well as to be able to protect your most precious investment--your scientists and researchers.

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