Material Demand

We are excited to see schools reopening, but we are now navigating through unprecedented times of material shortages and allocation limits.

Diversified Woodcrafts has routinely stocked higher inventory levels of our most popular products and materials to build those products to keep up with summer demand. As seen industry-wide, we are all now navigating through unprecedented material cost increases and are now faced with a new challenge—raw material to build the products. This material now has dramatically extended lead times and is limited on the amounts of materials we are able to buy. A few examples of our suppliers typical and current lead times are:

Plywood: Typically, 4-6 weeks-now 12-14 weeks with limitations on quantities
Hardware: Typically, 2-3 weeks-now 4-6 weeks
Epoxy Work Surfaces: Typically, 4 weeks-now 13 weeks
Steel Products: Typically, 4 weeks-now 6-7 weeks
Plastic Products: Typically, 3-4 weeks-now 8 weeks

We ask for your understanding as we work with our suppliers to procure our necessary materials as quickly as we can. Our typical summer lead times are 5-6 weeks, we will do our best to maintain the shortest lead times possible, but you can expect lead times to stretch out during the busy months. We understand that the material shortages mean some schools will not have their product when school starts. We are doing our best to get materials in. Please contact us with any questions.

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