4 Colors That Affect Classroom Learning

It’s fun to decorate in color – especially when it comes to the classroom. But whether you believe it or not, colors aren’t just for looks. Colors actually can affect us emotionally and psychologically, and even have an impact on productivity and classroom learning. Just take a look at how you can use some colors to create a positive experience in the classroom for students: 

1. Green

Imagine you’re taking a long hike in the middle of a green and luscious forest. How do you feel? While you may feel a bit tired (Who doesn’t after a hike? ), you’re also probably feeling pretty relaxed and calm. What gives? Well, low wavelength colors (like green) actually promote a sense of harmony. That’s why using a little bit of green in the classroom may help relieve stress and improve concentration. Studies show that it can even reduce a person’s heart rate, leading to a positive impact on classroom learning. 

lime color swatch

2. Blue

Just like green, blue also promotes a calm and relaxing atmosphere. It can even lower blood pressure and body temperature. This results in a boost in productivity – especially for classroom learning that requires a high cognitive load.

aqua color swatch

3. Orange 

Looking to add a splash of excitement to the classroom? Orange is the way to go. While painting all of your walls orange will be too overstimulating, adding orange accent furniture or decor will give students a boost in creativity, inspiration and overall mood. 

carrot color swatch

4. Red

Red can also have a positive affect on classroom learning – as long as it isn’t overused. If your students are lacking imagination and inspiration, try adding red accents throughout your learning space. Because red is also a warm color like orange, it will help boost creativity, alertness and excitement! 

red color swatch

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, you need to be purposeful about the colors you choose for your learning space. Taking the time to think about how color affects classroom learning will help you create a positive environment for your students. 

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