Our New, Revamped 2023 Catalog is Here! 

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for …

Our 2023 catalog is here! But, wait. There’s another surprise waiting for you – we’ve updated our catalog to make navigating and finding products easier than ever! Here are some of the main changes you’ll see while you browse through the catalog: 

1. Color-coded and updated categories

One of the main changes we’ve made to our 2023 catalog is updating our categories and implementing color coding! Previously, there was no easy way to search by category when browsing through our catalog. Now with our new categories and color-coding system, you’ll be able to visually and quickly identify items. In the future, our website will also reflect the new categories within the catalog, making it easier to search than ever before.

2. Product brand names

While you look through the new catalog, you’ll also notice new brand names for some of your favorite products. These brand collections will not only help you navigate through the catalog, but also help you when designing and trying to understand which furniture you should incorporate into your learning space. Here’s the list of the new brand collection groupings you’ll see and the meaning behind the names: 

PerpetuLab Collection

  • Name Change Meaning: The “Perpetu” part of the PerpetuLab collection name refers to “perpetual”, meaning “never ending or changing”. We wanted to highly the durability and high-quality nature of the products, and showcase how they’re built to last. The “Lab” part of the collection name gives a nod to how the furniture is meant to be used within lab environments. 
  • Products Included: Wooden Leg Tables, Steel Leg Tables, Imprint Tables, A7 Science Tables, Microscope Cabinets, Skeleton Cabinet and Torso Cabinet

Avenuu Collection

  • Name Meaning: While the name did not change, our grouping of the products did! The Avenuu collection now includes both the HPL premium and basic laminate A-Frame Table plus our A-Frame benches that go along with them. 

Perspective Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Perspective” gives a nod to a term used in arts and drafting. In arts and drafting, it’s all about having the right “perspective”. 
  • Products Included: Small and Large Planning Tables, Stools with Pneumatic Base, Stools with Steel Base, Benches, Clay Wedging Table, Mobile Clay Cart, Ceramic Work Center, Worktop Classic, Taboret, Art Horse, Sculpture Ware Cart and Art Cabinets

Draftsman Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Draftsmen” reflects the use of the furniture. The Draftsmen collection is intended to be used within a drafting environment. 
  • Products Included: Drafting Tables

Kinetic Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Kinetic” refers to the “science of movement”. The Kinetic collection focuses on the mobile nature of furniture – having the ability to move the products throughout an environment to maximize space, resulting in improved hands-on learning. These Kinetic products are teacher-based and are meant to be used in conjunction with the PerpetuLab collection. 
  • Products Included: Mobile and Stationary Instructor Desks and Stations, Lectern, Multi-Purpose Cart, Lab Stations

Apprentice Collection

  • Name Meeting: The name “Apprentice” refers to the apprenticeships that follow an industrial arts education. 
  • Products Included: Industrial Arts Workbenches, Stools

Protocol Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Protocol” refers to the health and safety protocols typically in place to make someone feel better. 
  • Products Included: Medical Benches, Taping Stations, Handwashing Stations, Hand Sanitizer Dispensers, Hygiene Stations, Corrosive Cabinets, Flammables Cabinets, Oily Waste Can, Paint/Ink Cabinet, Shower & Eyewash Stations, First Aid & Safety Cabinets and Fume Hood Cabinet

Forum Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Forum” is derived from ancient Greece. In ancient Greece, “forum” is where everyone came together to do their work. The Forum collection includes workbenches that are designed for students to “come together” and collaborate. 
  • Products Included: Workstations/benches with storage underneath

Command Collection

  • Name Meaning: The name “Command” refers to the products within robotics. This term is used to “program or tell the robots what to do”. 
  • Products Included: Robotics Workstations and Storage

Access Collection 

  • Name Meaning: The name “Access” refers to having easy access to items you need to store. The term “Touchdown” is also used within the Access collection (term used under the Access collection) and refers to storage units that can also be used as temporary workstations. 
  • Products Included: General Storage (storage not included in other collections)

3. Index updates

The Index is not included in the catalog like in previous years, but we will be mailing out the Index separately. We’ve made some positive changes as well – the Index not only includes model numbers, but will also include the new product names and where they can be found within the catalog. 

4. Our catalog is now online! 

Our 2023 catalog is on FlippingBook (just like our 2022 catalog)! Located on the Literature page on our website, you’ll be able to flip through the pages with ease – just like if you were using a print catalog. Plus, the online catalog has handy features including an interactive table of contents, text search, simple navigation and much more! If you need a refresher on how to navigate our online catalog, watch the tutorial here