5 Art Classroom Design Tips To Boost Creativity 

Art is one of the most important subjects in K-12 schools. It’s more than learning how to draw a tree or creating a ceramic mug. Art class allows students to develop life skills that will help them in their future endeavors. They learn how practice makes perfect and how small differences can have a large impact. But, one of the most important skills they'll learn is creativity. 

Creativity is the most sought-after skill in today’s workforce. According to an Adobe study, 85% of college-educated professionals say creative thinking is critical to problem-solving in their careers. Additionally, a World Economic Forum report stated that creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need … and it already has!  

Research has also shown that students who participate in art education are:  

  • 5 times less likely to drop out of school 
  • 5 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
  • 30% more likely to pursue a professional career

With this in mind, there’s no doubt that investing in K-12 art programs is also making an investment in students’ futures.  

If your art program is due for an overhaul, make sure you follow these art classroom design tips below to ensure you’re setting students up for success.  

1. Choose an appropriate work surface.

One of the biggest art classroom design tips is to find a durable, large work surface that has plenty of room to complete projects and can withstand the demands of an art classroom. Available in various sizes, our Perspective Tables are the perfect solution! Constructed of solid maple with two tapered pedestal-style pane legs and two maple truss bars, these tables are built to last. Plus, you can choose from three top options to fit your needs: maple butcher block, natural maple high-pressure laminate (HPL) or almond HPL.  

Perspective Table

2. Make ample room for storage.

Canvas, paint, pencils, colored paper, charcoal … you name it! Whether it’s a ceramics studio or a drawing class, there will always be an abundance of supplies in an art classroom. That’s why it’s essential to have a variety of storage throughout the space. Some options to choose from include our Drawing Supply Cabinet, Paper Storage Cabinet, Hanging Wall Storage Cabinet and more. Browse through our Perspective Art Storage collection now.  

Accessibility to supplies is also something to keep in mind! If there are supplies that students use on a regular basis, store those supplies in areas where all students can access them at any time.  

art storage options

3. Use color to improve creativity. 

Art class is all about letting a student’s creativity shine! To improve creativity, your art classroom design should incorporate color that is known to boost it. These colors include:  

  • Orange. Add a splash of creativity to the art room with orange. Incorporate orange accent furniture or decor to improve creativity, inspiration and overall mood.  
  • Yellow. Yellow represents creativity, friendliness, optimism and confidence! Creating an art classroom design with yellow accents will stimulate positivity, creativity and happiness.  
  • Red. If students need some imagination and inspiration, add red accents throughout your art classroom. Because red is also a warm color like orange, it will help boost creativity, alertness and excitement!  

Curious about adding other colors? Take a look at how you can use colors to create a positive experience in the classroom.  

4. Showcase student artwork.

Displaying student artwork throughout the art classroom helps students feel proud and confident about their work and gives other students inspiration for their own artwork. The display of artwork also promotes artistic discussions between students and teachers.

Opting for a display solution like our Perspective Canvas Door Display Cabinet will help you maximize storage while simultaneously creating space to display artwork. This unit features a fixed bottom and middle shelf with four adjustable shelves for storage. Plus, the doors feature a black canvas mesh and can be used to hang artwork.  

Perspective Canvas Door Display Cabinet

5. Don’t forget the sinks!  

If you’ve ever taken an art class or taught an art class, chances are you’ve seen how easy it is for the space to become a mess! That’s why an art classroom design should incorporate features that make the cleanup process easy, including sinks. Whether it’s paint-filled brushes or hands full of clay dust, our Perspective Art Clean Up Sink is the perfect cleanup solution for any art classroom mess.  

Perspective Art Clean Up Sink

Let’s Get Creative with Your Art Classroom Design

Are you ready to create an art classroom that will boost student creativity? Let our team of experts help you make your vision a reality. Reach out today!