Advantages of Our Fastrak Quick Ship Program

The new school year is a whirlwind. Between lesson plans, curriculum updates and student meet-and-greets, there’s barely a moment to breathe, let alone think about how you’re going to buy new classroom furniture in time. That’s why we created our Fastrak Quick Ship program – designed to quickly and efficiently deliver furniture to your classroom!  

Here’s how Fastrak benefits you: 

  • Fast Delivery: We get it. You need furniture now, not months from now. With Fastrak, your order ships in five business days, ensuring your classroom is prepped and ready before school starts!
  • Peace of Mind: Fastrak takes the worry out of classroom furniture delivery so you can focus on what matters most: the students.
  • Quality You Can Trust: Just because it's fast, doesn't mean it compromises on quality. You'll get furniture that lasts the entire school year and beyond.
  • Pre-Selected Bestsellers: Fastrak Quick Ship program features a curated selection of our most popular classroom furniture pieces like our PerpetuLab Wooden Leg Tables and Forward Vision™ Workstations. This ensures you get high-quality, functional furniture without wasting time browsing.
forward vision workstation and perpetulab wooden leg table fastrak products
Beat the back-to-school rush with our Fastrak Quick Ship program! Browse our selection online or contact us to learn more about how we can quickly deliver your classroom furniture.

What Is a Makerspace & Why Your School Needs One

Educators know the importance of providing their students with hands-on learning to improve creativity, critical thinking, and STEM or STEAM skills. After all, it’s hard to ignore its importance after a study found that students who didn’t engage in hands-on learning were 1.5 times more likely to fail a course than students who did. But the good part is that there are many ways to provide hands-on learning experiences, with makerspaces being one of the top choices.

What is a makerspace, anyway?

A makerspace is a collaborative, hands-on learning environment specializing in STEM or STEAM activities. It’s a flexible space for students to explore, tinker, create, discover, invent, and more! Industry professionals have also referred to makerspaces as tinkering labs, learning labs or STEM labs.

Makerspace benefits

Are you considering adding a makerspace in your school? If you haven’t already been convinced, here are a few of the many benefits:

  1. Offers students an opportunity to create, innovate and explore
  2. Helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  3. Provides authentic, real-world learning experiences to help students develop real-world skills
  4. Exposes students to new opportunities, like utilizing new tools and resources to reach a solution
  5. Promotes collaboration among peers

Makerspace furniture solutions

At Diversified Spaces, we’re big advocates of STEM and STEAM learning. That’s why we specialize in furniture for all skilled spaces, including versatile and mobile furniture for makerspaces.

For example, our Intermix Mobile Workstation is a game-changer for collaborative spaces. Its mobile design and spacious work surface provide ample flexibility and room for multiple students to tackle projects together. Additionally, the unit is available in several models, providing different storage configurations for tools, parts and materials.

Need more storage? Keep your makerspace supplies organized and accessible with our Access Euro Tote Cabinets. These cabinets have several model options and sizes to meet your classroom’s storage needs. Plus, they feature translucent, durable totes in a variety of colors for easy identification and casters for effortless mobility.

intermix mobile workstation and access euro tote cabinet

Let’s outfit your makerspace

If your school doesn’t already have a makerspace, it’s time. According to data from the latest national Speak Up Survey from Project Tomorrow, 31% of schools already have makerspaces, while 23% plan to implement one.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you create a collaborative learning space that promotes hands-on learning. Contact us today.


5 Must-Have Science Lab Furniture Features 

The science lab is a place of discovery and experimentation. But for educators, it can also be a battleground of worn-down science lab furniture, spilled chemicals and mountains of clutter. At Diversified Spaces, we understand the unique challenges that science labs present. That’s why we offer a range of science lab furniture designed to address the most common issues teachers and students face. Let’s explore five key features you should look for when choosing science lab furniture.

1. Durable

Anyone who has stepped foot into a science lab knows they can get messy. From accidental spills to Bunsen burner use, science lab furniture needs to be able to withstand it all. That’s where durability comes into play. At Diversified, our lab tables are designed to withstand daily student use, ensuring they remain reliable for years to come. As an added protection, our furniture's wood aprons and bases are finished with an earth-friendly, chemical-resistant UV finish. We are also a SEFA member and have been independently tested to SEFA standards. durable science lab furniture room rendering

2. Chemical Resistance

If your lab uses a lot of chemicals, the correct type of top is key when choosing lab furniture. Our epoxy resin is the best option for chemical resistance, though we have multiple options to choose from as you furnish your science room. As mentioned previously, we also provide a chemical-resistant UV finish on our wood legs, frames and cabinets. This provides an extra layer of protection against corrosive substances, ensuring longevity in even the most demanding environments. Not sure which top option is best for your space? Check out our guide on how to choose the right school lab countertop for your lab. epoxy resin

3. Storage

Beakers, microscopes, Bunsen burners… you name it! Every science lab has an overabundance of equipment and, most of the time, limited space to store these supplies. But with the right storage solutions, organization is easy! At Diversified, we have a variety of furniture storage options, including our PerpetuLab Microscope Cabinets, easily movable Access Sliding Door Cabinets and even our PerpetuLab Skeleton Cabinets and Torso Cabinets! Our workstations also come equipped with multiple storage configuration options, including shelves, cabinets and drawers.

access sliding door cabinet torso skeleton cabinet microscope cabinet 4. Functional

A well-equipped science lab is essential for facilitating a wide range of experiments and activities. That's why our science lab furniture is thoughtfully designed with functionality in mind. Several of our science workstations have built-in sinks that provide convenient access to water for experiments and cleanup, while gas and electrical outlets ensure seamless connectivity for powering equipment. Additionally, many of our seating options cater to students of all heights, promoting comfort and extra support throughout the learning process.

5. Collaborative

Science lab furniture should also be designed to promote collaboration among students. Collaborative learning is essential to science education, allowing students to share ideas, work together on experiments and learn from each other. We have a variety of workstations and tables designed for group work, like our Forward Vision Tables. These mobile tables are easy to rearrange, making them perfect for both lecture and collaboration settings. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to brighten up the classroom!   forward vision table  
Ready to transform your science lab into a place where curiosity and learning flourish? Contact us today to discover how we can help outfit your lab with durable and functional science lab furniture.

First Steps to Designing a Robotics Classroom

Imagine a classroom buzzing with the whirring of gears and the excited chatter of students working together. They’re not passively listening, but actively engaged. Their hands are not glued to textbooks, but manipulating tools to build a robot programmed to navigate a maze. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the power of robotics education in action. 

Teaching students robotics isn't just about building cool machines. It's about nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills – all essential for success in the 21st century. 

By providing a dedicated space for robotic education, you can equip students with the tools and confidence needed to become tomorrow's innovators. Here are some initial questions you should ask before creating a robotics classroom.  

1. What are your goals for the robotics program?

Before diving into furniture options and room layouts, define your program goals. Is the focus on introducing the basics of robotics or providing a deeper experience? Will you cater to beginners, intermediate or advanced students? Knowing your target audience and overall goals will help you choose the right pieces for your robotics lab.

2. What space do you have available?

Inventory the available space. Ideally, you'll have room in your robotics classroom for dedicated zones: workstations, storage and a practice area. However, limited space doesn't have to limit your program! Get creative with your layout – our movable furniture and compact storage solutions can maximize your square footage. Ensure there are enough electrical outlets for powering devices.

3. What kind of equipment do you need?

Not all robotics lab’s equipment needs are the same. Ultimately, they will vary depending on your program’s goals. Will you need high-powered industrial robots, or are simpler kits sufficient for starters? Your equipment may also include computers, sensors, microcontrollers and programming software. Remember to allocate space for your equipment when planning the layout.

4. Does the space accommodate collaboration and teamwork?

Forget about traditional, fixed classroom furniture. Robotics is all about teamwork!

At Diversified Spaces, we have a couple of workstation options for your robotics classroom that promote collaboration and will fit student learning needs:

  • Command PLTW and Robotics Workstation 

Designed for STEM and robotics work, our Command PLTW and Robotics Workstation features a laminate top with a lip around the perimeter to keep robots and tools from falling off. The base includes a large open storage shelf that accommodates long metal rails, chart pads or laptops. Underneath, two large storage compartments provide space for robot storage. Different size totes keep tools and small parts contained. The workstation also features locking casters to make it easy to rearrange your classroom! 

command pltw and robotics workstation
  • Command Robotics Workbench

Our Command Robotics Workbench allows up to three teams to work on and store their robots and supplies. This spacious workbench features three locking storage compartments, each with a roll-out shelf, a drawer and a customizable foam insert to protect tools and equipment. If your students need more space to work, no worries! The top can be extended to provide an extra 8” of additional workspace if needed. This workbench also has casters that make it easy to move. 

command robotics workbench

5. How much storage will you need? 

Robotics supplies can quickly clutter a space. That’s why it’s essential to invest in storage solutions like our Command Robot Storage Units, which are specifically designed to meet the challenges of storing robot parts, tools and electronics. When choosing the ideal storage unit for your robotics supplies, remember to keep in mind:

  • Quantity of robot supplies to be stored
  • The size and dimensions of the items
  • The future growth and expansion of your robotics supplies inventory
command robotics storage unit

Ready to take your robotics program to the next level? 

Contact us today to discover how we can outfit your robotics classrooms with furniture to support robotics learning.

Official Vex World Championship Sponsor

Did you know? We’re an official sponsor for the Vex World Championship! We work closely with their specifications to create storage and support furniture that is attuned to building quality robots.

3 Benefits of Showcasing Student Art in the Classroom

In K-12 education, where subjects like math, science and language often take center stage, the importance of art can sometimes be overlooked. 

Contrary to popular belief that art class is simply learning how to draw or paint, it offers so much more value than just making art. It provides students with opportunities to express themselves creatively, develop critical thinking skills and cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around them. Studies have also found that students enrolled in arts education programs are 5 times less likely to drop out of school and 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement.

And apart from the art-making process, displaying student art also has several benefits:

1. Boosts student self-esteem.

One of the biggest benefits of showcasing student art in the classroom is the sense of pride and accomplishment students feel. This can help boost their self-esteem and make them more confident in their abilities.

2. Encourages creativity.

When students see their classmates' artwork, they are inspired to be more creative themselves. They may try new techniques or experiment with different materials. This can help them to develop their artistic skills and learn new ways to express themselves.

3. Fosters a positive classroom environment.

When student art is displayed in the classroom, it creates a sense of unity and belonging. It shows that the school values the arts and the work of its students. This can help to build a stronger sense of community and create a positive classroom environment. 

How to Showcase Student Art

Displaying student artwork can be done effectively using a variety of display cases designed for showcasing items. 

Access Display Case

Featuring three adjustable glass shelves, our Access Display Case is an aesthetic option to display student art. The sliding glass doors and sides allow easy viewing of the showcased items while maintaining security with a locking mechanism. The cabinets also come with lighting (installation may be required according to local codes). 

access display case

Perspective Canvas Door Display Cabinet

If you’re working with a tight or small space, our Perspective Canvas Door Display Cabinet is the perfect solution! This storage cabinet not only provides ample storage space but also features doors that are covered with black canvas mesh that provides the perfect space for hanging artwork. 

perspective canvas door display cabinet

Let’s Transform Your Art Classroom

At Diversified Spaces, we understand the importance of a solid arts education and offer a range of furniture solutions to help outfit your art classroom. Reach out today to discover how we can help create an environment where creativity thrives and student artwork is celebrated!

Sun Prairie West High School Project Profile

Discover how our furniture is making a difference at Sun Prairie West High School! From our Forum Workbenches offering durability and project workspace for tech ed students to our Drafting Tables providing functionality and ample work surface for art class, each piece was chosen to enhance the overall learning experience and improve student outcomes.


Reach out today to learn how we can help your school create optimal learning spaces! 

How to Choose the Right School Lab Countertop

When you think of lab safety, what comes to mind? 

At first thought, you may think of the protective gear students should wear upon entering the lab. You may also think of safety supplies such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers and even eyewash stations. 

However, one important safety element that is often overlooked is the choice of lab countertops. The right top material can significantly impact safety, durability and functionality within the lab. Let’s take a look at some common lab countertop options and help you determine which one is best suited for your lab’s specific needs. 

1. Epoxy Resin

Many lab environments – like chemistry labs – often deal with chemicals and high temperatures daily. If this sounds like your lab, our 1” Epoxy Resin option is an ideal choice. This non-absorbent lab countertop is chemical and heat-resistant, ensuring longevity and safety in the lab. 

epoxy lab countertop

2. Phenolic Resin

If you're looking for a versatile lab countertop that compares to epoxy resin, our ¾” Phenolic Resin top is the way to go. Known for its durable construction, this material is perfect for lab surfaces experiencing heavy usage. It's also a go-to option for labs engaging in cold/dry ice experiments. With chemical resistance, non-flammability, and non-absorbency, Phenolic Resin shares 90% of the characteristics of epoxy resin but comes at a fraction of the cost, making it a budget-friendly alternative.

3. ChemGuard

For middle school classrooms or spaces dealing with milder chemicals, our 1-¼” ChemGuard top option is an excellent choice. This lab countertop blends the decorative looks of high-pressure laminate with a durable, chemical-resistant composition, ensuring safety without compromising aesthetics. It also features a Class 1 fire rating and a 3mm PVC molding that is heat-bonded to create a waterproof edge. 

chemguard lab countertop

4. HPL

If your lab doesn’t consistently handle chemicals and high temperatures throughout the day, consider our HPL (high-pressure laminate) top option. This superior lab countertop is resistant to scratching, offering high wear value and making it a perfect, cost-effective option for general science rooms. However, it does have limited resistance to high temperatures and chemicals. 

HPL lab countertop

Still need help deciding? Here’s a summary of our recommendations: 

Type of LabChemistryBiology, PhysicsMiddle School Biology & PhysicsGeneral Science

As always, it’s best to ask yourself these questions before making a final decision: 

  1. What types of experiments will be conducted?
  2. Will you be using chemicals and high temperatures in the lab?
  3. Do you have any budget constraints? 
  4. What safety standards need to be met? 
  5. Is aesthetic appeal important? 

Ready to Choose Your Lab Countertop? 

Choosing the right top material for your lab tables is important for overall safety and functionality in your school lab. At Diversified Spaces, our team of experts is ready to collaborate with you! Let us help you choose a top option that meets your lab’s exact requirements. Reach out today to get started!