First Steps to Designing a Robotics Classroom

Imagine a classroom buzzing with the whirring of gears and the excited chatter of students working together. They’re not passively listening, but actively engaged. Their hands are not glued to textbooks, but manipulating tools to build a robot programmed to navigate a maze. This isn’t science fiction; it’s the power of robotics education in action. 

Teaching students robotics isn't just about building cool machines. It's about nurturing critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills – all essential for success in the 21st century. 

By providing a dedicated space for robotic education, you can equip students with the tools and confidence needed to become tomorrow's innovators. Here are some initial questions you should ask before creating a robotics classroom.  

1. What are your goals for the robotics program?

Before diving into furniture options and room layouts, define your program goals. Is the focus on introducing the basics of robotics or providing a deeper experience? Will you cater to beginners, intermediate or advanced students? Knowing your target audience and overall goals will help you choose the right pieces for your robotics lab.

2. What space do you have available?

Inventory the available space. Ideally, you'll have room in your robotics classroom for dedicated zones: workstations, storage and a practice area. However, limited space doesn't have to limit your program! Get creative with your layout – our movable furniture and compact storage solutions can maximize your square footage. Ensure there are enough electrical outlets for powering devices.

3. What kind of equipment do you need?

Not all robotics lab’s equipment needs are the same. Ultimately, they will vary depending on your program’s goals. Will you need high-powered industrial robots, or are simpler kits sufficient for starters? Your equipment may also include computers, sensors, microcontrollers and programming software. Remember to allocate space for your equipment when planning the layout.

4. Does the space accommodate collaboration and teamwork?

Forget about traditional, fixed classroom furniture. Robotics is all about teamwork!

At Diversified Spaces, we have a couple of workstation options for your robotics classroom that promote collaboration and will fit student learning needs:

  • Command PLTW and Robotics Workstation 

Designed for STEM and robotics work, our Command PLTW and Robotics Workstation features a laminate top with a lip around the perimeter to keep robots and tools from falling off. The base includes a large open storage shelf that accommodates long metal rails, chart pads or laptops. Underneath, two large storage compartments provide space for robot storage. Different size totes keep tools and small parts contained. The workstation also features locking casters to make it easy to rearrange your classroom! 

command pltw and robotics workstation
  • Command Robotics Workbench

Our Command Robotics Workbench allows up to three teams to work on and store their robots and supplies. This spacious workbench features three locking storage compartments, each with a roll-out shelf, a drawer and a customizable foam insert to protect tools and equipment. If your students need more space to work, no worries! The top can be extended to provide an extra 8” of additional workspace if needed. This workbench also has casters that make it easy to move. 

command robotics workbench

5. How much storage will you need? 

Robotics supplies can quickly clutter a space. That’s why it’s essential to invest in storage solutions like our Command Robot Storage Units, which are specifically designed to meet the challenges of storing robot parts, tools and electronics. When choosing the ideal storage unit for your robotics supplies, remember to keep in mind:

  • Quantity of robot supplies to be stored
  • The size and dimensions of the items
  • The future growth and expansion of your robotics supplies inventory
command robotics storage unit

Ready to take your robotics program to the next level? 

Contact us today to discover how we can outfit your robotics classrooms with furniture to support robotics learning.

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Did you know? We’re an official sponsor for the Vex World Championship! We work closely with their specifications to create storage and support furniture that is attuned to building quality robots.