What Is a Makerspace & Why Your School Needs One

Educators know the importance of providing their students with hands-on learning to improve creativity, critical thinking, and STEM or STEAM skills. After all, it’s hard to ignore its importance after a study found that students who didn’t engage in hands-on learning were 1.5 times more likely to fail a course than students who did. But the good part is that there are many ways to provide hands-on learning experiences, with makerspaces being one of the top choices.

What is a makerspace, anyway?

A makerspace is a collaborative, hands-on learning environment specializing in STEM or STEAM activities. It’s a flexible space for students to explore, tinker, create, discover, invent, and more! Industry professionals have also referred to makerspaces as tinkering labs, learning labs or STEM labs.

Makerspace benefits

Are you considering adding a makerspace in your school? If you haven’t already been convinced, here are a few of the many benefits:

  1. Offers students an opportunity to create, innovate and explore
  2. Helps students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  3. Provides authentic, real-world learning experiences to help students develop real-world skills
  4. Exposes students to new opportunities, like utilizing new tools and resources to reach a solution
  5. Promotes collaboration among peers

Makerspace furniture solutions

At Diversified Spaces, we’re big advocates of STEM and STEAM learning. That’s why we specialize in furniture for all skilled spaces, including versatile and mobile furniture for makerspaces.

For example, our Intermix Mobile Workstation is a game-changer for collaborative spaces. Its mobile design and spacious work surface provide ample flexibility and room for multiple students to tackle projects together. Additionally, the unit is available in several models, providing different storage configurations for tools, parts and materials.

Need more storage? Keep your makerspace supplies organized and accessible with our Access Euro Tote Cabinets. These cabinets have several model options and sizes to meet your classroom’s storage needs. Plus, they feature translucent, durable totes in a variety of colors for easy identification and casters for effortless mobility.

intermix mobile workstation and access euro tote cabinet

Let’s outfit your makerspace

If your school doesn’t already have a makerspace, it’s time. According to data from the latest national Speak Up Survey from Project Tomorrow, 31% of schools already have makerspaces, while 23% plan to implement one.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us help you create a collaborative learning space that promotes hands-on learning. Contact us today.